Coined back in the 1980’s, shabby chic is a popular interior design trend where furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or new items may be deliberately distressed to accomplish the appearance of an antique.  This popular trend combines the country charm of an English cottage with the faded elegance of a French chateau, adding a unique feminine and romantic feel to any room.

Some say that the trend for Shabby chic has reached its inevitable end, whilst others are only catching onto its charm.  Many interior designers insist the trend has had its day, yet a search of most home accessory stores, both online and in the high street, still feature an abundant array of ‘shabby chic’ products.  Perhaps it is more accurate to say the trend has evolved into a more modern style of shabby chic than simply ended.

Whether you’re searching for a total home revamp or a change of accessories, the shabby chic look is extremely easy to achieve.  The trend of up-cycling has hit the market hard, encouraging us to be our own designers and create something fabulous from a dated or out-of-style piece.  Click onto any of the popular social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook and you’ll find a multitude of ‘how-to’ videos that will show you how to achieve your desired look.  Keeping you ‘in-style’ and saving in pocket. 

Why not give shabby chic a go?  Allow its romantic, simplistic feel to leave you relaxed and proud of your home.   If you don’t have the time to complete an upcycling project you can embrace the trend by introducing smaller decorative accessories. Check out our full range of home accessories at for loads of shabby chic ideas.

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