Small business Saturday was created in the US at a time when the world was recovering from the financial crisis and it took place on the first weekend after thanksgiving.  The aim was simple – to create exposure for small businesses at the heart of the holiday season and to help sustain and grow this invaluable sector of the economy.

Supporting small business is not just about shopping locally, it’s about supporting local economy.  The FSB report that for every £1 spent in small businesses 63p is spent in the local community compared with just 40p in every £1 spent with a larger business.

It’s also very personal.  With more than 5,000,000 small businesses in the UK today, the chances are that you either own one, work within one or know someone who does. Supporting these businesses is also about supporting friends, family and neighbours.  Supporting their livelihoods, aspirations and dreams.

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from independent bricks and mortar retailers on the High Street to small online retailers, crafters who work from home and sell their goods at fairs and craft markets and small service business owners.

One of the benefits of shopping from a small business is that they genuinely care about getting it right for their customers and often go the extra mile to ensure this happens.  Whilst there will always be contradictions to every rule, customer service from a smaller business tends to be better and more personal.  They have the ability to offer a more flexible approach and are less restrained by Company policy and protocol. To a small business owner their business is not just their ‘work’ but becomes a significant part of their lives.

Contrary to common belief, the best prices and deals are not always found on the websites of the marketplace giants such as Amazon or Ebay or large multi-national retailers.  Take a little time to look further and you may be surprised at the amazing offers you find from smaller online businesses or shops in your local high street.  Supporting small businesses doesn’t mean you have to forgo the convenience of online shopping.  There are thousands of small online retailers who offer the convenience of shopping from your sofa and having goods delivered to your door, while still supporting a small business.

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