As summer draws to a close and the new school year begins, the routine of school runs and juggling of work, after school activities and home works can often feel like a real challenge for parents.  Alarm clocks need to be set a little earlier and lazy lunches are replaced with packed lunches and food on the go.

Packing nutritious lunches along with your own lunch can be stressful and time consuming but preparing in advance is a real time saver. Making sure your weekend shop includes all the lunch bag essentials helps reduce the mid-week trips to the shop and makes the morning lunch bag prep a little less stressful.  Preparing fruit/vegetables into snack size boxes on a Sunday evening to take to work or send to school makes it easier to grab a healthy snack rather than the too handy chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

Ever miss important notes from school in the chaos of a messy schoolbag?  Pop a little zip-lock folder in each of the school bags, labelled with ‘Stuff for Mum/Dad’ and let your kids know that notes for home should go in there.

Getting homework’s done without any fuss can be a challenge on its own; whether you decide to get them started straight after school or wait until the tea-time rush is over, it’s never easy. Setting up a ‘homework station’ at the kitchen table can help encourage children to get stuck in. Filling the centre of the table with pens, pencils, paper and a few snacks can help encourage them to sit down and focus.  Scheduling a specific time everyday can help get them into a routine which they grow to accept.

No matter how gruelling the process seems, taking a little time to plan and get organised can definitely help. Check out our Pinterest Page for loads more creative ideas to help stay organised throughout the year.