They say a picture tells a thousand words, well with Pinterest this is true.  This social media platform has quickly become one of my favourite sites to use.   I can easily spend an entire evening scrolling through boards.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  Do you love it as much as me? If the answer is no, grab a coffee and take five minutes to check it out.  Simply go to and set yourself up an account, don’t worry about the cost as it’s completely free.

 The site is based around images and has ideas for virtually anything you can think of.

You can search easily for specific things using the search bar at the top of the page or simply have a browse through the categories; there’s everything from women’s fashion, wedding ideas, travel, even education. 

Need inspiration for some home improvements?  Pinterest can help – simply browse through the boards for endless ideas.   Need a new recipe for your dinner party? Pinterest can come to the rescue again.

When you are familiar with how Pinterest works you can create your own boards to save your favourite ‘pins’ on.  Its great fun and perfect for creating ideas and gaining inspiration.

Maggy Kay have now got their own boards up and running, so if you’re new to Pinterest and haven’t ‘followed’ anyone yet, feel free to follow us, we’ll even follow you back and share in your favourite pins.  Copy the link below into your search bar to get quickly access our Pinterest page , or simply type Maggy Kay into the search bar and select the button ‘pinners’ to find us.   

 Happy pinning everyone!