HD, semi- permanent and tinted eyebrows have dominated my Facebook news feed for the majority of 2016; this new ‘fashion’ trend has taken over make-up bags and beauty salons alike, each claiming to provide the perfectly shaped brow to enhance your natural features.

When it comes to make-up and the many different techniques, I tend to stick to what I know and don’t usually pick up on a trend until long after it’s taken over every womans’ make-up bag.  

I do however, love a well-groomed brow and tend to leave the maintenance of mine to the professionals.  This strategy works well when I have time for a visit to the salon but not so well when I'm busy. Bushy, unruly eyebrows do not make for a good look but I struggle to create the perfect shape myself.  

Using an eyebrow pencil to draw in the shape you would like to accomplish and then plucking around it, appears to be the recommended way to achieve the perfect brow.  As my ability in the drawing department leaves a little to be desired, this method didn’t really work so well for me, so, when we discovered the  Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Kit  from Danielle Creations, I jumped at the chance to try it.

These fabulous little packs include tweezers, a brow-lash comb and different shaped stencils.  Simply use the brow-lash comb to neaten brow hair, select a stencil based on your desired brow shape and hold over the brow. Apply the brow colour of your choice and then remove any stray hairs outside the stencil guide to finish.  So easy!  At just £5.95 each these will make a fantastic addition to your make-up bag or make a great gift.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Kit is a great tool for those who are less make-up savvy but keen to stay ‘on trend’ this season.

If you’re an eyebrow pro wanting to try something new or if you are new to the eyebrow shaping game, give our new Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Kits a go!

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Happy tweezing!