With Father’s Day just around the corner we got to thinking about what Dads’ mean to us.  In our house he is the ‘tickle monster’, master of the remote control and (much to the kids delight) the one who insisted on buying the biggest water shooters in the shops during the sunny Bank Holiday weekend!    

Becoming a Father, takes you from being the centre of your own universe to a participant in something so much bigger. The responsibility for the development of these little human beings can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Fatherhood also gives men a fantastic opportunity to harness the desires of that big kid inside for so much longer.   In an age where technology is advancing at the speed of lightening and kids are becoming increasing obsessed with tablets, phones and social media, it is so reassuring to witness the pleasure the kids’ still get from a kick-around in the garden with their Dad or plotting a water ambush on me with their Dad as Commander-in Chief. 

Life as working parents can often become crazy busy, but in the midst of this, Dads’ seem to have the ability to see beyond the chaos, the dust and the washing pile and bring an element of fun back into the day.  An impromptu game or infamous ‘Dad’ joke is often the best remedy for a grumpy kid.  Remember the jokes that left you red faced with embarrassment, muttering the word ‘Daaaddd’ under your breathe!

We had a bit of a giggle in the office this week sharing some of the jokes our Dad’s used to tell.  They really are too terrible to share, so we are hoping you can add a little humour to our day and share some of the best stories you have about your Dad.

Simply post them on our Facebook page, email them to us at info@maggykay.com or add them on to the comments section of our blog. 

An an extra treat we’ll send out a little gift for your Dad for the best ones we receive. 

So go on - give us a giggle!