Exam season is now in full swing and many households across the country are embroiled in the stresses and strains that come with summer exams.  Revision has never been a pleasant task for anyone, and with the added distraction of the recent gorgeous weather it’s even tougher.

As a recent graduate, I never did manage to get used to the mundane task of writing notes and running through past paper questions; it always felt like a rush against time, regardless of how early I started the revision process. A million chocolate bars later and I was a nervous wreck, confined to the four walls of my room with a death sentence hanging over anyone who disturbed me. It’s safe to say this was never my favourite part of education; learning to shelve short-term fun for long term benefits is never easy, regardless of were you are in the educational timeline.  

There are many ‘how to’ lists that can help with the planning process of revision, which can be productive if you’re good at following a schedule. Family support is also vital when it comes to exams, whether that’s through emotional support or actually sitting down and helping with the revision process.

If your children are new to the world of revision, exam time can feel a bit overwhelming and tense, but parents can help by suggesting different revision techniques and helping your child find the method that best suits them. Simply asking questions based on revision or course notes is an amazing way to check understanding and help reinforce the information.   

As a parent it’s important to encourage your child to work hard enough to achieve their potential whilst maintaining the optimum balance between hard work and the need to relax and take time out.  Encouraging regular breaks can help keep their mind fresh and focused, while knowing there are extra ‘treats’ in the cupboard was always a huge incentive for me when struggling with difficult topics.  Getting outside for even a short period of time can help clear their head, helping them to retain more information when back at their desk.

Exams are a necessary part of a child’s education but whatever the outcome, the summer holidays are just around the corner and that will definitely put a smile on the kids faces.

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