With Halloween less than 3 weeks away and pumpkins appearing in their abundance in our supermarkets, the race is on to get your artistic juices flowing and your carving knife at the ready.   Self–carved Jack-O-Lanterns have already started to appear on door steps, windows and of course all over social media. 

An afternoon pumpkin carving can be a brilliant excuse to keep your slippers on and keep the kids entertained.  An added bonus, (I am assured from those more domesticated than myself), is that the scooped out pumpkin can also be the basis of some wonderful recipes.

There are hundreds of printable stencils freely available online to help even the least creative person transform plain pumpkin into a magical masterpiece but time and effort is still required to produce something worthy of displaying on the doorstep.  I have to admit that my enthusiasm for following the traditional carving method wanes with each scoop of hard pumpkin flesh that I scrape out.  The idea of creating my own work of art is often more fun than the actual reality of achieving it.  For this reason, I was over the moon to discover a fabulous alternative, from Heaven Sends, one of our wonderful giftware suppliers.

The Large Metal Pumpkin Candle Holder with Spider is every busy parents dream come true. Complete with a creepy witches hat and dangling spider this fabulous pumpkin can be reused every year.  Simply pop a candle in the back and pop on display. 

Pumpkin sorted in seconds – WE LOVE IT!