Fancy making your own gin but not sure how?  These fabulous Gin Making Kits from Gin etc make creating your very own gin so easy and you can craft your own infusion in less than 24 hours!

All gin starts life as a clear distilled spirit into which botanicals are infused with the dominant flavour being juniper.  The Gin Maker's kit allow you to infuse the botanicals supplied into any clear spirit vodka to create a compound gin.  (We recommend using a standard supermarket brand vodka which tends to be relatively cheap with a neutral flavour).  A compound gin, unlike most commercially available gin, is not then distilled to refine its clarity.  These kits allow you to do this is less than 24 hours.


What Are Botanicals?

The overriding flavour that unites all gin is the taste of juniper.  Botanicals are the flavouring ingredients used in combination to compliment the juniper flavour and give it its distinctive taste.  The exact mix of botanicals varies from gin to gin with each producer closely guarding their own recipe.  Typically a good gin will contain six to ten botanicals.   Gins can be herbal with bolder flavours, floral with more delicate notes or spicy with a peppery kick.


How Do the Kits work?

1.  Add one sachet of the pre-mixed botanicals supplied into the bottle.

2.  Pour in the vodka to fill the bottle to the base of the neck.

3.  Infuse for 20 hours, then have a taste.  If it needs longer leave the infusion for a maximum of 4 more hours.

4.  When you are happy with the flavour it is important to stop the process and remove the botanicals by filtering or straining through a sieve.

5.  Decant your gin into the bottle provided.

6.  Apply your own label to the bottle.

7.  Our a glass of your very own home-made gin and preferred mixer.

8.  Add a light sprinkle of the gin toppers (available only in The Expert kit) into your glass to further enhance the flavour and aroma of your gin.



Do not allow the gin to infuse for more than 24 hours..

When tasting it is best to mix up a small amount of the gin with a neutral tonic which allows you to get a better sense of the range of flavours than tasting it neat. 

The gin will take some of the colour form the botanicals so it is normal for the gin to turn a golden yellow. 

We have 2 fabulous Gin Making Kits available .  The Artisan Gin Making Kit and The Expert Gin Making Kit.  Both are supplied in stunning printed presentation tubes making them perfect for gifting.