The unexpected appearance of the Sun over the weekend caught me completely by surprise and I was still wandering about in my boots and jumper on what turned out to be a surprisingly hot Saturday.  Highly unusual for us folk here in N. Ireland, particularly in March, but nonetheless extremely welcome. 

The arrival of the Sun did spur me on to finally try out the new Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack. Kocostar is a globally successful Korean beauty brand and their Foot Moisture Pack promises to hydrate and sooth tired feet.

So, in an attempt to get my feet flip-flop ready, and the kids in bed, I armed myself with a little glass of Saturday night sparkle and got to work.  Not really work at all in the end, as this product was so easy to use.

The Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack was easy to tear open and contained what looked like 2 large socks attached together.  I separated them easily by simply tearing gently along the perforated line.  Each sock has 2 layers - there is an outer plastic layer and inside a separate inner layer that looks a little like tissue.  You do need to ensure that you place your foot inside the inner layer and then use the adhesive sticker to secure it around your ankle.  It is also recommended that you wash and dry your feet before using the Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack.  After that you simply sit back and relax for about 20 minutes before removing the socks from your feet.  There was quite a lot of serum left on my feet which the instructions had stated and I simply massaged this in.  I would recommended you have a towel ready to place your feet on when you remove the socks.

The results really were fantastic.  My feet felt so soft and really well hydrated after using the foot moisture pack and I would not have hesitated popping on a pair of sandals or flip-flops.  If you have a little extra time on your hands, exfoliate your feet first before using the Foot Moisture Pack for even better results.

Overall I found the Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack to be a really cost effective and quick way of giving your feet a gorgeous treat.    It is a really easy to use home treatment pack which I definitely plan to use again. 

Better still - with Summer ready feet I’ve now got the perfect excuse for some shoe shopping!