The reuseable Erase Your Face makeup removing cloths have made it to the Maggy Kay Most Wanted position this week and are simply flying off the shelves.

These little cloths claim to have the ability to remove all types of cosmetics, including waterproof mascara, without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic makeup removers.  Typically, I was very sceptical but was finally persuaded to try one by Stuart, our wonderful sales contact from Danielle Creations, the creator of Erase Your Face.

Admittedly, I had mine for ages before finally trying it and was genuinely AMAZED by how well these worked.  By simply wetting the cloth with warm water I was able, very quickly and easily, to remove all of my makeup, including layers of black mascara.  I was also really surprised by how clean and fresh my skin felt afterwards.      

As well as the convenience of using these, they are also a really low cost and environmentally friendly makeup removing solution as there is no need to repeatedly buy cotton pads and bottles of makeup remover.

Whilst I haven’t given up entirely on my traditional cleansing routine, I simply would not be without this product.  I find myself reaching for it after super busy days or late nights when I’m simply too tired to bother with my usual facial regime.  The Erase Your Face cloths are particularly brilliant for travel and nights away, especially for short flights when you don’t want to check in luggage, but face the dilemma of how to squeeze all your essential liquids into one tiny little plastic bag (sound familiar anyone?). 

The Erase Your Face Cloth takes away the need to pack cleansers, toners etc leaving more space for other essentials.

At just £3.50 these are defintely worth a go.  Click HERE to shop now.