At Maggy Kay we know life has a habit of throwing little daily challenges at us, which on their own may seem trivial, but on top of all our usual day-to-day stress can sometimes manage to send us over the edge.  That sinking moment when you break a nail just before a lunch date, or spill coffee down your perfectly laundered white shirt just before an important meeting.  A quick brush of the hair and you catch your favourite earring, losing the back for ever.  Finally, on a date with the fit bloke you’ve been Facebook stalking for weeks, it’s perfect, until you realise you have food in your teeth, or worse still, you just remembered you ate garlic last night!  A toothbrush would be great but who has space for a toothbrush in their overloaded handbag?  There’s already enough junk in there!  The list of little hiccups that can occur on a daily basis is endless.

Thanks to the brand new Damsel in D-Stress Emergency Kits from Danielle Creations these day-to-day dramas can become a thing of the past. These amazing little bags are small enough to fit in most handbags but absolutely packed full of everyday little emergency essentials. 

Available in three gorgeous metallic colour finishes, each kit contains over 24 essential items designed to help us out in those extra moments of stress. Quick tip - also a perfect addition to your flight bag and make fabulous little gifts.

The kits contain, a mirror, tweezers, sewing kit, 2 x buttons, a safety pin, nail file, nail polish, nail polish remover, shower hat, 4 x ear buds, 2 x cotton pads, 2 x plasters, 2 x hair pins, hair tie, 2 x earring backs, 2 x tampons, stain remover, make-up remover, deodorant wipe, 2 x  double sided fashion tape, fold-up toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Perfect for creating a little organisation in our ever hectic lives and helping to overcome those little extra daily stresses we can always do without.  Get your Damsel in D-Stress kit today at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of £9.95 (usual price £11.95) 

Offer valid until Monday 2nd May only at