The summer holidays have arrived, the kids are off school and unfortunately the sun is refusing to shine (at least here in Northern Ireland). For busy parents, summer time can become a little more stressful, trying to juggle the usual busy schedules while still ensuring the kids enjoy some summer fun. With the rain continuing to make a regular appearance and no sign of July sun on the horizon, indoors activities are certainly top of the list.  My kids never turn down the chance to take part in an hour or two of baking, probably because they are guaranteed a treat at the end, but it is also great fun. 

Baking doesn’t have to be something complicated that requires hours in the kitchen, and mess on a serious scale.  Something simple like frozen chocolate covered bananas can be so much fun to make and decorate, there’s limited mess and it has the extra bonus of being a reasonably healthy snack.

Fancy giving them a go?  Here’s how.

Slice bananas in half and carefully mount on lollipop sticks. Place bananas on a tray, plate or baking dish and pop in the freezer for 2 hours or until firm. Don’t cover bananas as this will cause ice crystals to form.

Melt enough chocolate to cover the number of bananas you’ve frozen.  (I’ve found that a standard 45g bar of chocolate is sufficient for 2 bananas).

Prepare whichever toppings you would like.  My kids love it when I put lots of little bowls on the table containing different toppings,  then they can get creative.  Our favourites are sprinkles, honeycomb pieces (you can squish up a crunchie) and nuts - the options really are limitless.

Next, remove the  bananas from freezer. If any little ice crystals have formed on the bananas use a kitchen towel to gently brush them off. Then simply dip banana in chocolate and swirl to cover.

Finally, roll or sprinkle the bananas with your selected toppings, place them on a platter and let them cool for a minute before enjoying. If you don't plan on serving the bananas immediately, return them to the freezer.

Don’t forget to check out the Maggy Kay Pinterest page for more ideas to help keeps your children entertained this summer.

Have fun x