At Maggy Kay, we just love the new range of Acacia wood kitchen accessories, and several of our own kitchens now feature the gorgeous Seasoned with love Salt and Pepper Mill and the Large Rectangle Acacia Wood Chopping Board.  The richness and the natural grain and tone of the wood is simply beautiful.

Acacia Wood has become increasingly popular, crediting its reputation to its intrinsic resilient qualities. Native to Australia, this type of wood is derived from the Acacia genus of trees and features thousands of different varieties; with its attractive features and fragrant natural smell, acacia wood is perfect for luxury items and furnishings around the home.

Praised for its durability, lustrous finish and varied shades, this hardwood is suitable for building long-lasting furniture and homeware, and is perfect for heavy-use items.  The Acacia wood features a beautiful natural grain running through it, adding a rich tone to the many home products created with this material. Its water resistant properties make acacia wood ideal for kitchen accessories as it does not warp readily when in contact with liquids.  It does not scratch easily and is also highly resistant to fungus and naturally antibacterial, making it an ideal material to produce items for food service.

As with all natural products, your new Acacia wood accessories will benefit from a little basic TLC.  Simply hand wash with warm soapy water and dry properly with a soft cloth after use.  Applying food-safe mineral oil every 3-4 months will also help to keep your acacia wood products in tip top condition.

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