Love them or hate them the Euros are definitely here and the office chatter this week has been about little else.  As a non-football fan, I’m trying to drown it out, however after finding out that the games continue for another month, I’ve realised I may need to change my tactics. Dodging the football gossip is difficult when everyone supports at least one team and as I have no interest in the sport, I am left with the decision to either support my own country (Northern Ireland) or spend the next month talking to myself.  Seems rash but with an office full of people who love the game, my chances of avoiding it altogether are slim. I’ve never watched a football match in my life (and hadn’t planned to start now), but can’t overlook the huge achievement of the Northern Ireland team who have actually made it through this time.

 As many football fans pack their bags in preparation for their trip to France, others are packing their fridge ready for a night of cheering in front of the big screen. I, however, will be preparing myself for the inevitable office chit-chat that will follow.  The in depth conversations on how well their teams played and how they could manage the team better.  If the result isn’t favourable, I have no doubt I will be informed that the referee definitely favoured the opposing side and I will have to endure the hours of general grumpiness that can follow a poor result.  It’s a funny sport in my eyes, as those supporting a team refer to them as ‘we’, implying they were on the pitch sweating it out until the end, when in most cases they haven’t actually kicked a football since their school days.  Regardless, if I manage to avoid watching the Euro’s, it seems impossible to dodge the office gossip altogether.   

For those of you who love the game, I’m sure you’re in for a fun filled month, with endless excuses to party. For those of you who share similar feelings to me, I wish you patience and tolerance and can recommend the purchase of a few good box sets!