Despite the unbelievable amount of rain we have seen so far this July, the improvement in the weather last week has encouraged us to remain optimistic that we may yet see some proper Summer weather, (even here in rainy old Northern Ireland).   Even in the good weather, kids are increasingly obsessed with tablets, phones and television and are often reluctant to get outside.  If like me, the amount of time kids want to spend in front of this assortment of screens is increasing frustrating, why not encourage (or drag) them outside and try a few new ideas.

In the hope that the sun keeps his hat on and decides to make another appearance this week, why not persuade your kids to get moving by creating a scavenger hunt? With so many different types of scavenger hunts, you can be assured they will be entertained for ages.

If like me you’re short on time and in need of inspiration, simply head over to the Maggy Kay Pinterest page to find some great ideas for creating your own scavenger hunt or simply download one of the free printable sheets to help get the adventure started.

Check out our Pinterest Summer Fun for Children Board, for loads more quick and easy ideas to keep them entertained this summer.  


Have fun x