Bakedin has quickly became one of our favourite brands.

These little tasty treats were discovered while on the hunt for fabulous new products at our favourite trade show earlier this year.  The smell of chocolate had our buying team in front row for the taste test and I certainly can’t blame them.

Bakedin provides tasty treatsusing quality ingredients, with the added bonus of no nasties. 

Created back in 2013 by two friends who shared a love for baking but lacked the time for their favourite hobby. Their combined passion created the idea of a time saving baking kit, that gave the full baking from scratch experience but with a lot less hassle.


Their business venture grew steadily with success and now they have their own recipes, exclusively developed for them by Michel Roux, one of the world’s finest pastry chefs.

At Maggy Kay, we are delighted to have introduced a range of Bakedin products for our loyal customers to try.   These fabulous little mug cake mixes allow you to answer hungers sweet call with ease, whether at home or in the office.  Bakedin Mug mixes allow you to make an irresistible chocolate brownie or sticky toffee pudding in under 2 minutes.  Simply pop the dry ingredients into a mug, mix with melted butter and milk and pop into the microwave.  The most difficult part is waiting for an extra couple of minutes for the cake to cool down as it will be hot when it comes out.

Our selection of sticky toffee pudding mug mixes and Belgian chocolate brownie mug mixes are proving to be your favourites.  With single pot mixes and tasty mug gift sets, Bakedin is perfect for treating yourself and gifting others.